Manufacturer & Leading Exporter since then is supplying a variety of Rice to Indian and international region


    The cereal grain- Rice we are specialized in providing is offered in both, raw and processed forms.


    The samples from each batch of raw and processed Basmati White rice are tested.

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    We believe in the fact that a strong client base is build on the pillars of quality, customer-centric approach and transparency in dealings.

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    To our customers to provide the highest quality of milled rice. To our producers to offer a fair market and ethical practices.

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Premium Quality Raw Rice

Buy Variety Of Rice Like Basmati Rice, Raw Rice, Sella Rice, Etc From Shiv Shakti International To Transform Simple Dishes Into Impressive Delicacies.
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The origin of rice dates back to time immemorial, the fact today we all realize is that Asian countries are top rice producers and consumers worldwide. India tops the chart of rice producing countries and accounts for around 43.20 millions of hectares cultivation of it. Mr. Ankur Garg, the founder of Shiv Shakti International researched and studied several reports conducted by renowned institutions and found out that the demand for rice is not going to slow down in near future.

In fact, the demand is going to rise by a significant percentage. Nearly two third of the population worldwide consumes rice. [/read]

Manufacturer & Exporter since then is supplying a variety of Rice to Indian and international regions

Pesticide Free Rice

100% Organic : Free from Chemicals, Pesticides. It has “Natural Wholeness” and is rich in proteins, thiamine, calcium, magnesium, fiber, and potassium

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